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Friable asbestos is the type of asbestos commonly found in soil contaminated with asbestos. This is because it's loose and light in weight, thus making it easily airborne. People living in the area are at a risk of becoming sick if they inhale the asbestos fibre. Therefore, this problem should be dealt with with utmost urgency to reduce exposure to the dangerous material.

There are also asbestos cement materials that may be damaged if they have been disturbed by breaking, drilling or cutting, thus releasing fibres into the open air. The fibres become a health hazard because they can be easily inhaled once they are present in the air.

- Let your neighbours learn about the soil contaminated with asbestos. Tell them about the proposal of removing the asbestos material and related risks that come with such a task. Finally, advise them to close all their windows and doors to reduce the possibility of fibres getting into their building.

- Follow the guidelines provided by Environment Protection Authority in your state in order to correctly dispose asbestos waste. The waste should be disposed only in areas designated for such waste. Asbestos waste should not be disposed in the usual garbage dump because the chance of spreading it to other areas is high. There is also a risk of other people being exposed to such a toxin.

Asbestos contaminated soil is very dangerous and can lead to very serious health conditions. It is therefore important to take the precautions listed above seriously. These precautions will help you reduce the risks that come with exposure to asbestos.

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