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A refractometer is a lab equipment that you use in measuring the fermentation level of a liquid. To measure the fermentation level the refractometer measures the amount of sugar (sugar weight or percentage Brix) in a remedy.

The equipment is mostly used by wine and beer makers. Winemakers use it to measure the ripeness of grapes and other fruits used in making the wine. Here the winemakers use the fruit juice from the fruits in order to establish if the fruits have reached their excellent level of natural fermentation. If the fruits have reached their excellent levels, the winemaker can go ahead and use them to make wine.

Refractometer is also used by beer makers where they use it to establish the specific gravity of their wort. A number of mathematical formulas are used in converting Brix percentage to specific gravity which is measured at the different stages of the brewing process. It is essential for the beer makers to know specific gravity of the beer in order to achieve consistency.

As stated, the refractometer measures the sugar content in a remedy. It does this using an optical device that works like a prism. When you place a liquid on the equipment, it reacts with light and turns the reaction into a given number on the Brix percentage scale.

To use the equipment you should start by calibrating it. For accurate calibration you need to use distilled water. After calibrating you need to bring in a drop of liquid (that you are measuring) under the sample plate and make certain that there are no air bubbles trapped. You need to wait for 30 seconds and afterwards read the refractometer by holding it around a natural source of light such as custom window or door.

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