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Business investment they say is a gamble. Not really! Unlike the risks we know and want to take in gambling and betting whether on cards or dice in a gambling establishment or not knowing whether the returns on stock investments will grow on expected lines, business is a 'real' factor grounded actually.

a. Purchasing a business is basic gambling - There are many similarities between gambling establishments and stock markets; the hope of making a fortune is good but the risks and losses are greater. Only the gambling establishment that provides the chips and the firm that trades in the stocks wish to gain fortunes. Purchasing a business is 'betting on the productivity' that goes with the business but unlike betting, a business investment is one where the owner has to use all his acumen to ensure he gets returns on the money put down. As owner or shareholder of the company or business, a person is entitled to a share of the proceeds and increased productivity enhances the market value, hence business investment is not just a gamble.

b. Successful investing involves 'secrets' that many people don't understand - several unethical businessmen indulge in trading and investing strategies that gullible people fall for. Investors who try and try to beat the market fail to do so time after time. For one, some strategies impose higher trading costs resulting in very low returns. Instead of choosing winners, ownership of a cross-section of businesses that are bound to well in the long-term is the secret to successful investing. Simply put, inexpensive diversification will improve returns.

c. Aging forces us to take fewer risks - economists are of the view that retirement funds purchased stocks provide greater returns as one ages and funds start reducing obviously with the ability to earn an income coming down significantly. Stocks that are diversified provide returns that beat inflation and can improve the odds that money will not run out in retirement age. An aggressive approach even in retirement can beat the odds as compared to a conservative approach.

d. The more hype a company generates, purchasing it is a must - by the time a company makes it to the news, it's best days as an initial investment is probably long gone. At least, that's what happens to most IPOs. A typical private company that receives several rounds of funds and financing from venture capitalists has already had its run and provided the initial value for investment to those very same equity firms that made the investment.

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