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A lot of closing situations now come down to pitching to and trying to influence an influencer, that it's time to teach the proper way of doing it. A couple of things first. An influencer is defined as someone who is involved in some way in the decision process - they either help make the decision, or they have to approve your services or product first before they pass it on to other decision makers, etc. The bottom line is that there is someone above them who weighs in heavily or who has the final say on whether or not to progress with you.

So the first thing you need to do is determine how your influencer fits into the decision process (if at all), and how much influence they have. Use the following questions during the qualification stage to determine this:

By the way, once you begin your demo, it's always a smart idea to go back through these questions before you launch into your pitch. Doing so will give you a head's up as to how it's likely to end. Wouldn't it behave to know the stall before it even comes up? And once it does, here is how you handle it:

After you do get their buy in, that's when you can ask if they're going to recommend it and how much weight their recommendation offers. After that, you do a trial close on paperwork, etc. You can make this as soft a trial close as you want, the point here is that you wish to take your influencer as far as he/she will let you. The further they let you go, the more likely they'll be a deal later.

Start implementing these techniques in your sales calls starting with the qualification stage. The more you find out about the influencer, and their role, the better equipped you'll be to take the close further at the end.

This article will discuss options for outfitting emergency operations centers with the most recent video wall technology and customized EOC furniture. The following steps assume that the center exists and is habitable.