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Working on a cruise liner seems a dream job to many who wish to explore the world. It is hard work, though there are a range of positions available to pick from, ones you may get approved for, enabling you to explore the world and earn money in the process.

The income you earn should be clearly discussed and overview in your contract. You will be awarded a monthly salary, typically banked directly into your checking account. The benefit to this is due to the fact you are living on board, you only need money for your shore experiences, this means you can save considerably during your time on board.

Ensure you understand how gratuities work. Gratuities can increase your salary considerably and is the amount extra the guests pay over and above their cruise liner fees. These gratuities are typically shared out with all members on board and can be considerably more than your monthly salary. Ensure you receive these payments as and when they are promised as this can lead to grounds for crewmembers wages disputes. Some companies hold onto all your gratuities until you have completed your contract in full, ensuring that you don't decide to leave them on a shore somewhere because you feel you have had enough of life on board.

Also take careful note of any perk promises. This is one cause for crewmember wage disputes. Some cruise liner companies offer their staff a perk if they provide them with superior service and productivity for the duration of their contract. Many crewmembers don't realize that if they are asked to leave or if they opt to leave earlier than their contract they waiver this perk.

In case your superior doesn't provide you with adequate answers, you may wish to seek legal counsel from a company specializing in crewmember wage disputes to see if they can assist you in getting the additional payment you deserve and expect.

Being prepared with a few good scripts will allow you to get past this objection, and will allow you to qualify an opportunity where most other people will miss it. With the following scripts, I advise you to customize them to fit your personality, services or product, and after that to practice them repeatedly again until they become automatic. Much like you should do with all scripts.