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Clothing preferred by the African folks is the traditional clothing, often vibrantly tinted, worn by the folks of Africa. In some cases, these traditional garments have actually been changed by western clothing as western clothing is common all over the world.

The people of Northwest Africa, where, the Dashiki, and the Senegalese kaftan. In Nigeria, women wear headbands In Africa, the dashiki and Senegalese kaftan are worn more prominently, though not exclusively. The dashiki is highly stylized and is rendered with an ornate V-shaped collar.

In East Africa, women wear the kanga. In Southern Africa distinctive shirts are worn, like the lengthy dresses they wear. For instance, South Africa is known for the Madiba shirt, whereas, Zimbabwe is known for the nice fancy and vibrant safari shirt. In the Horn of Africa, the attire differs by nation. There exist charitable organizations in all western cultures that sell used clothes to for-profit enterprises in Africa. These "white man's clothes" are quite common in some components of the continent.

Ritual and ritualistic masks are a vital feature of the traditional society and fine art of the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa. While the specific suggestions associated to ritual masks widely differ in various societies, some traits are common to most African societies. For instance, masks usually have a spiritual and spiritual meaning and they are used in ritual dances and social and spiritual events, and an unique status is attributed to the artists that create masks and to those that use them in ceremonies. In most cases, mask-making is a fine art that is handed down from father to son, along with the knowledge of the emblematic meanings conveyed by such masks. These masks are traditional and it carries the family satisfaction and heritage. The brother or sisters take and a lot of satisfaction and passion in discovering this fine art from their parents.

The product for masks is timber, although a wide range of various other elements could be used, consisting of light rock such as steatite, steels such as copper or bronze, various kinds of fabric, ceramic, and more. Some masks are painted. A wide array of decorative items could be used to the mask surface such as pet hair, horns, or teeth, sea coverings, seeds, straws, egg covering, and plumes. For instance, pet hair or straws are often used for a mask's hair or beard.

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