1. Identify the business you are going to establish. If you want to yield more profits, you should research about the industries that are in demand in the area for instance in Dubai, real estate, exports, nightclubs, job agencies, and childcare have business opportunities in the city.

2. Be informed about ownership requirements. The rule in the UAE is that 51 % participation by UAE nationals is required of any established companies except in certain circumstances like in some Free Zones such as Jebel Ali and Airport Free Zones. If you are thinking about getting into general partnerships, know that this is limited to UAE nationals only.

3. Secure your business license. A business license is a requirement for any business. In Dubai, there are three kinds of licenses. There are commercial licenses which cover all kinds of activity involving trading. There are professional licenses which cover professions, services, craftsmen, and artisans. However, you must remember that there are licenses for certain categories that require the approval of specific authorities.

4. Hire someone who can negotiate for you in Arabic. The thing about Dubai or most regions in the United Arab Emirates is that most transactions especially in government institutions are in Arabic. It would help you a lot to hire someone who can speak Arabic who can negotiate on your behalf.

Also, in the UAE there are Free Zones that you can benefit from, however it would help you a lot if you research about the rules and regulations governing these areas before establishing anything. The more you know, the less likely you will lose in the business. Remember, knowledge is power especially in business.

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