Ten years ago, who would guess that social media would offer business owners the potential to grow and expand their clientele so vastly, but in reality, it is becoming more and more popular the use social media, as a sales strategy, to attract new clients and retain the current ones.

1st) Social Media - There are many companies specialized on social media marketing for small business. They can offer their services for an amount of $300 to $800 per month. If you choose this strategy, they will start by doing a social media and online audit to assess your business current position on the internet, then they will spend 3 to 6 months with you testing customers hits in two or three different social media platforms (probably on the ones they believe will be more suitable for your business). Finally, at the end of the test period, they will do another audit to tell you which platform you should concentrate marketing efforts and money on.

In fact, if you are, for example, a small brokerage selling expensive products e.g. luxury cars, boats, or aircraft, then the social media strategy may likely not reflect the same increase in sales. Thus, if you face this challenge, you may want to reduce your budget for social media and invest in some of the next three strategies.

4th) Partnerships - As a business owner or operator, you should not only be looking to expand your professional network, but also to create win-win opportunities with the members in your network. Going back to the example of expensive product described earlier, take a moment right now to reflect the lifestyle of your ideal customer. Then, ask yourself "what do they also buy?", "where do they eat?", "what kind of car do they drive?". Basically, ask yourself "where they spend their money?". And as the answers come to you, think of the members in your network who also sell products or services to your customers. It's a simple technique to remember, which with practice will become a habit for you.

Lastly, these are only four strategies of an universe with infinite possibilities and combinations to be used as sales strategy, so let's start to think as our customers do and explore this vast universe. This is the ultimate strategy to attract more clients and to make your business win big.

We offer expedited bid and performance bond programs to cover contracts that are not excessively large, complicated or difficult. A size example would be a contract for $250,000. In this discussion we will assume that this is the maximum size bond available in the program.