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Whether you own a small or large business it's paramount that you adapt technology in the business. This calls for you to have high speed internet in your business. You also need to have a very effective telephone line. The reason for this is due to the benefits that come with technology. Some of these benefits include:

Communication is vital in business. The business world has become very competitive thus employees need to communicate with clients fast and effectively. Communication is not only important when working with clients-it's also important when working with other employees. For example, sales representatives and technicians don't have to return to the office in order to know their next assignments - they can simply make phone calls or send email.

Through technology, employees from different locations are able to interact and not only talk about business, but also talk about personal issues. This ensures that there is a healthy working environment which plays a big role in increasing the productivity of the employees.

The internet allows you to easily research about new business opportunities. For example, you are able to understand about new tenders. This allows your business to grow your business and conquer new markets without travelling or opening offices in new locations.

Technology helps businesses to save on resources. For example, if you don't have a large workplace, you can ask your employees to work from home and send you the necessary documents via email. As a business executive, you don't have to travel in order to hold a business meeting as you can do it over the internet.

It's firstly important to know who you can trust when it comes to applying neuroscience. Much of the science is inaccessible to most of us, hidden in research papers that few of us read. On our own we certainly can not interpret the images from studies or understand how these translate into behaviour.